Monday, 5 December 2011

whooosh, now it is December again!

Did that year just fly past super quickly for you too?

The year 2011 was busy, but the busiest month of all is here upon us again. I am trying to tamp down the feeling of panic that keeps surfacing, though I work best under pressure, I only have a day to find all my teenage nephews and nieces Christmas presents & have them in the mail  to get to them by Christmas.

I learnt my lesson from last year about putting extra blog pressure on yourself at a very busy time of the year.

Last year on the 30th of November, I was all inspired by other bloggers to do a post a day for the lead up til Christmas. Probably if I was the type to only post one photo each day, I may have made it, but I can't...I am a quantity party type of girl who does far more than I should and takes way too many photos, the problem is, I want to share them all!

I did make it to the 15th of December of blog posts and then gain 15 blog drafts until the end of the month.
So, I have decided that instead of starting new December blogs, I am going to finish what I started last year and continue each day until I complete the month of December even if it was so last year. My parents were here then, so by doing it this way, I get to relive all those fun moments again.
Life with a toddler this year is also proving fun and adventurous. I don't think that the Christmas decorations will actually stay on the tree, as Jasper thinks they look better scattered all over the floor. The baubles make great ball to throw at people too! My loungeroom looks like it has exploded at the best of time, now it is a technicolour, spangly, tinselly, baubley mess.'tis the season to be messy jolly.

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