Sunday, 25 December 2011

Kids of the week Christmas quotes

This week I asked my own children all about their thoughts on Christmas as my kid of the week series for Norfolk Online News.

Here is their responses to my questions about Christmas 2011.
What is your favourite part about Christmas Sienna? Getting presents on Christmas morning and learning all about Jesus.
What is all about then? It is about Jesus because he was born on Christmas day.
So why do we get Presents? because Santa sees who is naughty or nice, if they are being naughty they get a lump of coal and if they are nice they get presents.
Which list are you on? I am on the Elves watch list to see which one I am today.
Why does Santa make presents for kids all around the world? Because he loves kids, but not bad kids.
How does he deliver all the presents? on a sleigh with all his reindeer, they are like horses but they have antlers. They fly because of Santa he has lots of magic.

What would the North pole be like to live? very cold with lots of snow and ice.
What is Christmas all about Teddy? It is all about Jesus being born on Christmas day.
So why do we get presents? Because Santa wanted to be nice and give presents to kids who are being nice in the whole world.
Teddy and Sienna who gave the first presents to Jesus? The wise men
What presents did they give?
Sienna; hundreds of money
Teddy; a ring, golden sandals, some baby clothes and a bracelet
What did baby Jesus do with the presents?
Teddy; I have absolutely no idea Mum.
Sienna; be a king or something
What does Santa do when he gets back to the North pole after delivering all the presents?
Teddy; He celebrates by having food and games and mostly go to bed after his big night.
Sienna; He sees how the elves are going and makes more presents.
What is your favourite Christmas carol?
Teddy; Feliz Navidad
Sienna; The first Noel
What do you like to do on Christmas eve Teddy? we go out partying and then we go look at ALL the Christmas lights all over town, then when we get home, I find a little table and pour some nice cold milk and 3 chocolate chip biscuits onto a plate for Santa and a massive plate and put 9 carrots on for the reindeer, watch a couple of Christmas shows and carols and then straight to bed.
Sienna, what do you do on the night before Christmas? I go to sleep under the Christmas tree every year.
Why? Because I want to see Santa.
What do you like to do on Christmas day Sienna? open presents and sing songs like "a long time ago in Bethlehem so the something something says..."
Teddy? My favourite thing to do on Christmas day is to wake everyone up, look in our stocking, open one present from under the tree and have something to eat and wait to Nonni and Poppi to come over to open the rest. The rest of the day is mostly Mum and Dad's choice on what we do, but I will play with my presents and build stuff.
What is the best thing about a Norfolk Island Christmas?
Teddy; The Christmas lights
Sienna; At school learning about Jesus and singing on the stage at the Christmas pageant. Going to Emily bay to swim.
What message do you want to give everyone?
Sienna; "Merry Christmas to every one on Norfolk Island"
Teddy; "Merry Christmas, be good kids, Ho Ho Ho."
Jasper "Chismas tree star!"

Merry Christmas to everyone from me also, Thankyou everyone who let me interview & photograph their children this year, it has been lots of fun.

Wishing you and your families a safe holiday season and a wonderful start to 2012.

♥Cristina Rose.

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