Monday, 10 October 2011

Capturing children in Photography

Sorry for my lack of blogs lately.
It seems that when Spring is in the air, I get busy taking photos, especially of the kids and of the amazing convict built georgian buildings down at Kingston.

This one was taken on my birthday a few weeks ago, It seems that dandelion clocks are everywhere at the moment ( I love them and they will receive their due in their own blog post soon).

This photo was a perfect opportunity to snap my daughter showing the amazing light of the day.

Sienna Rose blowing a dandelion 'clock'.
 This photo is eneterd in the Photographing children photoworkshop's photography competition.
This photo hasn't been edited and I have entered it into a photography competition to win a lightroom3 editing package.

Please feel free to visit the photo on facebook by clicking here and press like, that is all you have to do to help.
♥ Cristina

You can always see what I have been up to on facebook with my children's photography by going to my  facebook page *Captured by Cristina Rose photography.


Math Resources said...

Lovely picture and awesome photography.

Anonymous said...

I have really been enjoying reading your blog, and getting to know about your life on Norfolk island.  My husband is actually in the process of applying for a position at the Norfolk Island central school. he is a high school teacher ( industrial arts) 

 I am doing a bit of  "research" into what it is like living on Norfolk island. So it has been great to find yours, and other people's blogs (isn't the Internet amazing that it connects people that way??!!)

Anyway, I am feeling a mixture of excitement, fear, and anticipation of a wonderful adventure....and we don't even know if my husband will even get an interview yet!!!

I am looking forward to getting to know a bit more about island life, through reading your blog!

I actually have a head full of questions, that I would love to ask, if you have some time, at some time!

Thanks for sharing the "adventure" through your blog.

Love Deb

P.s sorry to say all this as a "comment" on your blog...I was not sure how to email you!!

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