Sunday, 21 August 2011

Coconut Ice cake

My undisputed FAVOURITE flavour & scent is COCONUT!
I love the smell and the flavour, coconut ice cream, coconut rice & curries and coconut body butter as well as the Body shop's coconut perfume oil (almost a tie with my second favourite scent & flavour, Vanilla)
 So for a dinner party at our place last night, I made a variation of the rainbow cake in the previous post.

It was a large 3 layer coconut ice cake. The pink layers were coloured by Cochineal and a small dash of Strawberry essence and the white vanilla layer has a small splash of vanilla essence as well as a half a teaspoon of citric acid, to give it a tiny lemony zing.

I love these layer cakes, all done in under an hour for the 3 layers.

Jasper thought it looked delicious also and couldn't wait to sample to icing.

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