Sunday, 16 March 2008

Wedding Reflections

15th of March 2008.

The day was Magic.

I had the pleasure of being with the bride for most of the day and in one word, she just SPARKLED all day from beginning to end.
There were tears of course, but all for those happy moments that most little girls dream of.
When Kim's Dad John appeared to pick her up, he cleared his thoat with emotion and there was a fresh wash of tears, it was a beautiful moment.

Charles of course was beaming and that was even before he saw his beautiful bride!

I love this photo, as it was when Teddy first saw me arrive and came running to greet me.

Sienna was a beautiful flower bud and was happy as long as someone gave her a container of bubble mix!

Kim, her dad, sister Bec and neices to be Sarah & Emily all arrived at Simon's water at Steeles point, in Norfolk island's first tour bus.
Brandt (the best man) sang Elvis's I can't help falling in love with you, accompianed by boy Kim as girl Kim walked down the aisle.

Sienna performed her flower sprinkling duties perfectly after practising to 'walk walk pinkle' for a few weeks. I like Mary and Bernie's smiling faces in the background and lovely Bec encouraging Sienna to walk with her.

Both Charles and Kim wrote their own sentimental and very meaningful vows, They were very beautiful and emotional.

Charles organized a surprise for Kim at the end of the ceremony, the ultralight plane would fly over and take photos, but with such a large crowd, it was hard to fit everyone in.
It was a fun and happy memory though, especially when a bag of confetti and streamers was tipped out of the plane.
Just to show that I was there and for my friends and family that have to go to Mary's blog to see what I look like..... here are my family photos of the day, my sister Jenni, brother Mike, Mum Sally and Me.

Of course baby Liam was his beautiful self.

Teddy enjoyed the bus trip best, and as I said, Sienna was very happy with the bubbles.

When everyone else had gotten cold, Kim is still sparkling!

Just like this amazing cake, a fruit cake layer on the bottom then a chocolate mudcake layer and then a caramel mudcake layer...... Amazing.
There was no better setting than the family home 'Devon house'
which was very festive in its decorations.
we celebrated and aerated the lawn with our high heels while we danced.
Until it was all too exhausting and we didnt want the day to end.


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