Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Its the Wedding week

Last minute preparations, Bucks and hens do's, making and painting, The family begins to arrive, extra last minute bits and pieces and it is all becoming very exciting.
Kim's Hens do with amazing cocktails at Raewyne's house, it was the only Hen's night that I know of that the groom organized his good mate to be the stripper for her. Poor Kim was quite embarrassed at first and Pommy Russ was a real trouper performing for us girls.

Sienna had been practising to walk, walk pinkle (sprinkle her flowers) all week.

Kim worked so hard to make sure that everyone was well looked after as she and Charles appreciated everyone making the journey to Norfolk Island to attend their Wedding.
Kim made up welcome packs for everyone who had arrived which included information on Norfolk Island, postcards and discounts that the local shops had offered for the week of the wedding, plus handmade guava chocolates and hand painted glasses(by Kim, in all her spare time).
She also made sure that all he guests had a welcome drink in their fridge in their apartments and an itinerary to follow.
After more drenching rains this month, we finally had a week of continual sunshine for the first time this year......and then....
Mum and my sister Jenni arrived last Saturday night and with them came another low and Summer returned the same way it did on the 1st of December when Mum arrived last year.
keep your fingers crossed for a sunny Saturday.
Kim and Charles also organized welcome drinks at Norfolk's two Chimney's Winery which was wonderful, it was a beautiful sunny afternoon and a great way to get to know some of the family before the wedding and to catch up with some familiar faces also.
It was a very special afternoon.
Teddy and Sienna felt so grown up at the winery at their own table enjoying sparkling apple juice from a wine glass.
Only one lot of guests got delayed with the weather and that was my brother Mike, sister in law Kate, niece and nephew Jess and Jake, we were all very glad to see them and cheered when we saw them coming out from the plane, especially Teddy ( and a relieved bride, now that all the family were here).
Jess was making the bridal bouquets which is a huge task for a 16 year old (I actually remember making bridesmaids bouquets when I did a weeks work experience when I was 16 too, after 5 hours of wiring baby rosebuds, I can appreciate feeling slightly frustrated)

To Lighten the mood, all the Lyle family rally around with champagne and a silly mood, we started playing with the flowers too.

It really was a family event with all hands on deck to help
* see Mary's blog for more wedding preparations.

I really liked this Photo on the morning of the wedding, as we were out at Simon's water decorating, Charles (the groom) and John (father of the bride) both mowing the grass on ride on mowers.

A huge Thank you to Mal Tarrant for making this beautiful wedding arch for us, Kim and I were going to attempt to make it ourselves, but Luckily Mal offered to help and it was just perfect (who knows what a disaster we could have had with Kim and I making it!)

We layed a carpet aisle to define the area, so there were no accidental trips over the grass, but as soon as Jenni, Chrissy and I put the carpet down, a multitude of Army grubs appeared and swarmed the carpet and we could imagine the Bride squashing them with her diamante shoes, luckily they had moved away by the time the wedding was on, hopefully some hungry birds had a good feed.
Mitti (my cousin Peter's dog who lives with him at Simon's water) also enjoyed the nice warm carpet in the sunshine.
And finally before the wedding begins, here is our very own princess fresh from the bath with her hair in curly rags, she wanted to keep them in as that is how she wants her hair for the wedding, lets see if she can at least keep clean today.

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