Tuesday, 17 October 2017

introducing Shadolls

 Meet the #shadolls. There I am on the right with my trusty camera around my neck.

Shadolls stands for shiny happy art dolls and they began their exsistence on Norfolk Island last week when Anna Bartlett from Shiny Happy Art brought an en plein air painting group to Norfolk Island.

 During this trip, one of the painters was celebrating their 60th birthday with us so Anna hand painted this divine card.
 Anna beautifully matched us all with incredible memory and detail of actual clothes we were wearing complete with out little red shiny happy artist badges.
 Here is me below, as the only one not travelling from Brisbane with the group, I was an overlay on the card.
 I joked to Anna that we could all have one of ourselves and hang them like ornaments on our Christmas trees and Annas eyes lit up with a new challenge.
And the shiny happy art dolls or (hashtag) shadolls were born.
 Anna did an exceptional job in capturing our little details and copies of our actual clothes.

Since then... the #shadolls seemed to take on a life of their own, at the restaurant.....
At the beach...

In the cemetery visiting old friends...

And they all seemed to gain little high pitched squeaky voices when they talked to each other.

#shadolls rule!
But then sadly it was time to say goodbye for real.

 #shadoll Cristina and Lynley waving bye to #Shadoll Anna before she gets on the plane.

 Anna taking a photo of her creations together for perhaps the last time.

 This amazing card above was made with love from Anna, It includes all the items I brought to the group during their trip. Called the Norfolk Oracle because a friend calls me that, she said if you want to know ANYTHING on island, you ring Cristina first. She is the Norfolk Oracle.

 Some of the cheeky #shadolls getting up to mischief during the flight.

And after.
Keep an eye out for #shadolls, you never know what they will get up to next!

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