Monday, 24 October 2016

5 minutes away

5 minutes away from my house can take you pretty much anywhere on a small 5km x 8 km island.
I heard of a photography challenge once that asked people to walk or drive exactly 5 minutes away from their house then when the timer went off, stop and take a photo of what you see.

Here is a Sunday in our lives (not a typical one as there is no such thing, each week is completely different)

 Lets start with bacon and egg wraps for brunch 5 minutes away down the hill at Ball bay.

Even though we can hear the waves crashing from our place, the kids mentioned that we hadn't been there for a while to play.

 Lots of cows at Ball bay today checking us out.

♪Kids to the left of me, cows to the right. Here I am stuck in the middle ♪

We only got a quick play there when we got a phone call to say Brandt was coming back to the Kingston pier. He has worked out at Philip Island for the past 3 days and nights building things for the National Park.
So another 5 minutes away gets us down to Kingston.


Welcome to the new arrivals coming for a holiday, welcome back to any locals on the plane.
What a scenic view they have flying in.

Our friend Mark surfing

There was plenty of fishing activity on the pier today.
A perfect day out on the water.

 one of the prettiest fish I have ever seen.
Darren from Advance takes some of the kids friends out to Philip Island for a few hours.
 My kids spot a shark or two cleaning up the fish waste thrown off the pier. Good recycling.
 My little buddy Zephyr with some of the catch from his uncles boat
 It is such a nice day, we decide to go for a swim at the beach. We forgot to bring swimmers, but its no problem to pop home and get them as we are only 5 minutes away.

This is why they call it stockyard road ☺The stock really do rule the roads, they have right of way.
The clearest waters at Emily bay

 Miss 11 looking so grown up now next to her dad.
That's a lot of toes out on the raft

Time for the plane to leave back to Sydney. We hope you had a great time here on Norfolk Island

Dad gets pushed off the raft

A beautiful brother sister moment

 And then the competitive games begin

 Sometimes you do a double take and wonder how they are growing up so quickly.
Both are gorgeous inside (most of the time) and out.

And then the day ends with an awesome view like this... all 5 minutes away


Michelle said...

Really??? All this just five minutes from home? It can't be true ha ha. Except that I know... it is so. How lucky are we!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to taking up the photo challenge soon :) Xx

Cristina Rose said...

Your 5 minutes away is so different now from what It was last year shell.