Saturday, 30 May 2015

20th anniversary celebrations

Brandt and Cristina's 20th Wedding Anniversary. (written by our great friend Shelley Mitchell)

Once upon a time, 20 years ago

A beautiful Princess Cristina said YO

To a handsome young man with dark hair

Whose name she took Brandt McRitchie YEAH

Together they lived in a little boat shed

Listening to the tidal waters from their bed

Many a party they would have at their place

With an outdoor loo that had no room for the poo in the space

Fun was had and it was a rule they lived by

They were also doing lots of musicals that’s no lie

Work they did fit in, as they needed the money

Brandt the builder and Cristina the honey

was working with children that she loved to do

Their lifestyle was so exciting that was true

Go north they decided and off they went

To the land of the greatest footballers, were sent

They bought land near a place called Noosa

It took some time but eventually got used ta

Starting off, they built a small cottage on their land

And enjoyed the fun times wiggling their toes in the sand

Joining the local Noosa Arts they were the new stars to see

Their shows were amazing and everyone's fantasy

Once again their home was a place of fun and activity

Bonfires, theme nights, waterslides and nudey runs there would be

Sometimes we would have to move our cars very fast

As Brandt putting a tin of baked beans in the fire was a blast

A spa was built out from the house

My children would serve Brandt drinks to him for points which they thought was grouse

Cristina's 30th came along in September

A whole week of celebrations was to remember

Short films, horse riding and a great fur party

We had the best time with lots of camaraderie

It was then they thought of having a baby sometime

Cristina fell pregnant and she didn't put it on the grapevine

So surprise to all of us as we did not see

That she was feeling sick and did lots of pee

Her belly grew and the family was excited

A beautiful son was born and they were all delighted

Teddy was the first, then along came Sienna their girl

Then the idea of moving to Norfolk Island was a whirl

We will go for two years and give it a go

Now they have been here for 8 years or so

In that time Jasper came along too

So they became a family of 5 and said that will do

What a life they are having here

An island life, they have no fear

So this is as much as I can tell you about them

There is probably a lot more but shhh and ahem

So let’s celebrate and raise our glasses

To these fabulous hot asses

They have been best friends for all these years

So lets make a toast with our nice cold beers

Brandt and Cristina have lots of fun tonight and in the future

Cause not many people can say they have lasted this long could ya

Best friends forever

Having fun is your endeavour

To the future and the great times ahead

May you have many memorable experiences in bed

Sorry I found it hard to rhyme the last lines

But what the fuck have lots of good times.


Love always Shelley

The children guests.

The adult guests enjoying the fine afternoon at Emily bay

my flower petal
Telling the story of how we first met!
Trish whipped up a cake, with thanks.

Brandt reminiscing from how we were in the original wedding photos that I am holding

My first cousin Charles was at our original wedding.

2 of the original outfits from our wedding 20 years ago
Our god daughter Matilda wearing my 22 year old nieces original flower girl dress from our wedding 20 years ago.

 And now some silly shots!

 And some memorable moments


Brandt FINALLY gets his beach wedding in board shorts 20 years later!

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