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Skits and Bits 2015

Written by my friend Rose Evans whose concept skits and bits was when we first performed it 4 years ago (see original post of skits and bits#1 here)  
 Rose brought it all together again this time. With thanks for sharing.

Well if you missed the NATS production “Skits & Bits” last week you missed out on a night full of fun entertainment and bucket loads of laughs. This show could not have come at a better time to the Norfolk Island community. The main feedback from the audience was that they really needed a good laugh and “Skits & Bits” surely delivered more than bargained for.
The evening began with an audience intrusion from “Mrs Brown” who was played by none other than Hadyn (Teddy) Evans. And if you think seeing Teddy in a dress and wig was funny enough, you should have heard the jokes coming out of his fecken mouth!

Then the show began with those two colourful favourites “Kylie & Sharon” played by Bron South and Rose Evans. We were a bit disappointed when they didn’t actually do a tight rope walking act but were delighted to have them MC the whole night. Their corny jokes, bright wigs and rainbow tutus kept us giggling in between all the fun acts.

The “Red Hot Mummas” danced On The Floor and they were hot, hot, hot! Cristina McRitchie, Shelley Mitchell, Roberta Simpson Leha, Juliette Grant, Louci Reynolds, Michelle Hayes and Lisa Richards showed us how much fun it can be to dance (even if you are a Mum).
See red hot mama's rehearsal video here

Monica Anderson sang a great parody of “Memory” although after hearing about her memory problems I am sure she most likely doesn’t remember it.

Then there was a silent skit called “Cinema Dilemma” with Juliette Grant, Ernie Christian, Brandt McRitchie, Roberta Simpson Leha, Simon Brown and Shelley Mitchell. They didn’t need to say one word either because their actions and reactions cleverly entertained us.

Next up was Ryan Dixon… as you have never seen him before. Ryan played one hell of a husband with some great jokes - but his song “Probly” was a huge hit and he really did write it for his lovely wife.

A skit called “Bedfellows” starred Tony Wilkinson as the husband who has everything, Cristina McRitchie played his wife who never complains and Rebel Greenwood played his saucy girlfriend. Even without his BMW he was still a very lucky man!


We were then made to believe that Brandt McRitchie and Hadyn (Teddy) Evans were actually going to play a piano duet. Little did we know that the “Piano Pals” had been practicing so much they were able to give us a “firm” performance!

“Addiction” was the name of the next skit which involved a support group for bubble wrap popping addicts. Yes it was as crazy as it sounds but this light-hearted entertainment kept up giggling. Monica Anderson played the group leader with Louci Reynolds, Sam Ford, Jeht Nobbs, Ian Anderson, Toppy Wilkinson, Rebel Greenwood and Shelley Mitchell as the addicts, and a Cameo appearance by Matt King as Security.

“The Computer Guy” was a skit cleverly written in the style of Abbott and Costello’s Who’s on First Base skit. Experienced thespians Ryan Dixon & Hadyn (Teddy) Evans kept us laughing at the clever dialogue about computers and software confusions.

The theatre erupted with laughter before the next act even began. The Creaky Ol Convicts Mal Tarrant, Brandt McRitchie, Gary Dowling & Russell Lowry were dressed in black lycra, saucepans and serving spoons to perform the “Chicken Pot Dance”. You had to see it to believe it… enough said!

Watch the chicken pot dance sidestage video here, listen to the audiences reactions.

The next skit “Open and Shut Marriage” showed us just how crazy an open marriage could be with Juliette Grant and Simon Brown playing the lovable married couple with a very open relationship. Simon now wishes he had a secretary like the one in the skit.

The last act for the evening was “Bohememum Rhapsody” in which Sam Ford had a Cameo appearance but Cristina McRitchie, Shelley Mitchell and Rose Evans rocked the stage with a parody all about the hardships that Mums deal with on a day to day basis. This song invoked laughter and even a few tears and was a great way to finish the night!!

 Rockin' on girls!

Thanks also go to the Stage Crew… Stage Manager Dinty Wilson, Stage Hand Jilly Doidge, and Lighting & Sound Technician Ben Hayes. And thanks to Front of House Crew… Rowena Massicks, Dick Massicks, Geoff Parslow, Kath King, Margaret Christian, Yvonne Robinson, Louci Reynolds, Ian Anderson & Monica Anderson.

Thanks NATS for entertaining us and thanks to all the performers who did such a great job enabling us to laugh so much. We are all looking forward to the next SKITS & BITS in 2016.
Audience comments:
my face hurt from laughing, thankyou x"
"VERY well done to all involved!! Thankyou"... smile emoticon
 "Great show, well done to all involved, never stopped laughing!!!!"
"Yes encore please - by popular demand!"
"I just saw the hilarious Skits N Bits show last night - still laughing over some of the skits..."

"Another fantastic production by NATS. Wael dun yorlyi en thaenks f' the larfs x"
And THAT is the end!

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