Thursday, 25 December 2014

The most relaxing Christmas ever!!! 2014

 The most relaxing day ever.

Peri-Peri sniffing where the reindeer had been... They each got a plate and a carrot. Someone wasn't hungry as they only ate half.
 There were surprises and happy faces when opening presents.

 Christmas is indeed and exciting time of year.

 There are ALWAYS crazy faces in our family photos
 The aftermess.
 After a big brunch of ham & eggs on our new back deck it was time to head to the beach for the day.

 Our first family photo of all 5 of us on the raft.

 Panoramas of beautiful Emily bay

 The clearest water

 snorkelling selfies

 My beautiful little Gidget surfer girl

Me..... relaxing
After the beach ( and after setting up the new trampoline), we went to Mary and Bernies to see the little boys for Christmas cuddles.

 Teddy loves all children but LOVES baby James.
 And that was it... a lovely relaxing day with some phonecalls to home and messages on facebook.
 Merry Christmas from a very peaceful and relaxing Norfolk Island.

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