Monday, 6 October 2014

Going out for Breakfast

Sunday morning after a really busy week at the Norfolk Island Theatre Festival.
We wanted to do something special for breakfast but are still without a table on our new deck until the roof goes on... sometime before Christmas hopefully!

Instead of buying breaky at a local café (as we have been to a few this week) Brandt suggested taking a bit of toast each down the hill to Ball bay.

He then got a call to help take the tent down from a wedding that I photographed yesterday, so we changed plans to go to Kingston. The toast wasn't such a good idea then, but an esky full of cereals, coffee and juices was just the ticket. I even found an emergency box of Coco Pops to treat the kids.

We had the whole beach front to ourselves (no wind for once) and although a bit overcast, it was still a very pleasant morning.

Parked on the headland just next to the salthouse, it was a great place to view of the massive waves and a fantastic venue for climbing the Norfolk Island pine trees as well as beachcombing on Middle beach.
 Peri-Peri loved it too.

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