Sunday, 30 March 2014

Happy 7th disco party Liam.

Happy 7th Birthday Liam.
Thanks for the super cool disco party!

Jasper, Christina and Nate find some dipping pleasure at the chocolate fountain.

I got a call from Kim to bring my paints along to paint something quick and easy of their new & handmade waterbomb board. Liam wanted a giraffe and a monkey, but I didn't bring enough paint to do the giraffe, so we suggested a flower (he rolled his eyes to this and said..."as long as all my friends know that it is a boy monkey") I added the monkey eating plant pods to the flower to make it look more boy like.

Sienna is always ready to disco!

My little cheeky water bombing Sandy from The Paradise hotel.

Kenzie also being a cute cheeky monkey


The winners of the disco dance off get to throw water balloons at Charles and Kim.

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