Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Day Six. This means a lot to me.

 What means a lot to me?
Well every mother would say their children, I also want to be the child who says my Mother!

My beautiful Mum making my kids laugh as always. I just need to add my husband, my Dad and more and more of my family members to complete the list of what means a lot to me.
My Mum, my first teacher and the one who inspires me to be a better person everyday.
I had the most wonderful preschool years at home with my mum, it was never boring. The smell of making fresh playdough reminds me of these times.
I once asked my Mum when I was in my mid twenties what I was like as a child expecting the answer the dwell on what I remembered being...whingy, clingy, cheeky, saying inappropriate things and annoying to everyone.
The simple answer came back "delightful".
That was a great lesson learned for me that day to see & remember your children when they are doing their best and they will see themselves that way too.
The most precious of memories, Mum playing ten in the bed with my kids last month, she was always the first to roll out leaving the kids in fits of laughter.
I guess what means the most to me right now are the most wonderful memories.

I remember jumping into bed with my parents in the morning, My kids do it with them too.
We seems to be too rush rush rush these days to even have a morning in bed let alone lying around talking as a family in there.
Dear Mum,
Thank you!
Love your baby.
Enjoying the tranquillity Norfolk Island offers.

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