Sunday, 12 May 2013

Happy Mothers day 2013

Here is my Mothers day collage.
I laughed so hard at everything today which I needed to, there were many funny family moments.
The kids artwork on my cards was fantastic. The presents were my favourite kind, handmade from the heart. It was the first time Jasper really joined in and made things at his (& my) preschool.
The night before I was ordered to stay in bed in the morning, of course I was up 2 hours before anyone else, so made a sneaky cup of tea before going back to bed to wait.
I got fresh scrambled eggs for breakfast in bed plus a handful of parsley and a hibiscus picked fresh from the garden and plonked on my lap. For the first time in 10 years, I had a dog to cuddle in bed.
Such a blessing to be surrounded by my beautiful children wanting to spoil me.

We forwent lunch at a restaurant as I preferred a picnic any where on scenic Norfolk Island, we chose Cockpit waterfall as we had to deliver some new pet chickens to the preschool just up the hill.
Again many more laughs especially when the kids had a running race and they kept bettering each others time trial by one second so kept on going to try and beat each others record. In the end Ted stripped down to his undies on this cool autumn day to try and get the fastest time. His little sister still beat him by one second.
My loving husband proudly informed me prior to leaving that he had packed the whole picnic with no help from anyone else. I though at the time 'that's nice' instead of alarm bells ringing to check the baskets.
So we enjoyed one of those special men packed picnic lunches that consisted of Coffee but no milk (forgotten), cheese with no crackers (forgotten) Oranges and avocados that we couldn't open without a knife (Forgotten!)
But even with my black coffee that I could hardly drink and my funny lunch, I still had my favourite people to keep me company. My little family.

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