Saturday, 30 March 2013

Making a SPLASH on Easter Saturday

 After torrential rains on Good Friday to break a long dry spell, we discovered that the concrete bike ramps drains had blocked up and were filled with water much like a swimming pool.

I was with the kids at the only public playground on Norfolk Island doing some photo shoots with other families when Jasper and his little friend Jordana wandered over to the bike ramp and cautiously stuck their toes into the water.

Once they knew that I was safely watching them, they ventured in a little deeper to be knee deep.

As soon as Teddy and Sienna saw the water, they too came over to play.

Before long a few other local kids also joined in and there was much splashing!
The kids made up their own games, followed by a little synchronised swimming :)

The water level had dropped quite a bit by the time I took these photos, but we had so much fun.

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