Friday, 30 November 2012

Friday challenge ~ 3 little piggies

Hello and so sorry for the lack of postings lately.

After 3 weeks in Hawaii then a further unexpected 2 week trip to Sydney has left me with hundreds of blog drafts (many of which are still in my head) yet nothing posted.

Then a good friend of mine here on Norfolk Island challenged me to link up with a Friday favourite photo. I gladly accept this challenge with reminders, you will see me more of my wonderful life appear on this blog.

Here lies another challenge though. I take thousands of photos each week, so how do I chose just one to post?
Well this weeks photo came from a tiny moment within a whole wonderful day that deserves its very own blog post. I guess that is what this challenge will do the most will be to generate a lot more posts each week from looking through my photos.
Though time challenged myself, I find it hard to say no to anything and I like to show you all how lucky I am to live on Norfolk Island. is my Friday Favourite

This is the link to view my friends wonderful blog and her Friday favourites.
Norfolk Exposure


Norfolk Ben said...

Hey that's a ripper. And yes, it is hard to pick just one. Thanks for the linky love xx

Michelle from Norfolk Exposure said...

Oops, signed in as Norfolk Ben. I don't even know him, do you? :)