Sunday, 24 June 2012

sharing some puppy love

This week we reminded ourselves of Brandt's beloved best friend B.A (black animal) who died tragically ‎20 years ago  and left him (and everyone who knew him) heartbroken.

 His beautiful dog was waiting for him at a butchers shop across the road from his house, when he saw the car turn into the driveway, he ran across the road to happily greet him, only to be run over by another car.
Angus on the jobsite
Angus's unique way of sitting on the back of the truck like a cat on a wall with his tail hanging down.

This week some very good friends lent us their dog Angus (nicknamed McAngus at our house) we have all been very happy to have another great dog at our house.
It is amazing how similar the 2 dogs are in personality the way they both tried to go surfing with Brandt and the way they both followed him around the building site (and the way they both sleep on his bed!).


  We would love to get another dog especially as the kids have never had one, it is so hard to get good personality dogs here on the island & via internet shopping.
Fingers crossed the right one will come our way around Christmas time.

 In the meantime, Angus's owners who have a 2 year old and a newborn baby ensure us that his social calendar is clear and he is free to come and have a play at our place anytime, I am sure we will take that offer many a time.
None of us could fit on the lounge this week, so we happily sat on the floor.

There were 5 in the bed and the black dog said 'move over'.

Brandt and I did get another dog, A big red rottweiler cross with bull mastif and rhodesian ridgeback named Ozone who was our 'baby' for nearly 11 years, we lost him 9 years ago when Teddy was born, he deserves his own post one day.

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