Friday, 6 April 2012

Easter Carnival at Norfolk Island Central school

This year has flown by so fast that I have completely lost all concept of real time since starting university.
 It is Easter weekend 2012 already! AND I still have Christmas blogs to update not only from 2011 but from 2010 too.

Most of my photos and comments now go straight to facebook for friends and family to view, but the Easter carnival is such a fun event each year that it deserves a blog post.

Here is my little princess with her pipecleaner bunny ensemble that she made on the last day of term today.

 Each year the kindergarten to year two parents bake a cake for the cake stall to sell, I only have one year left to do this until Jasper starts school so am already planning next years cake.
 After the successes of my rainbow layer cake at last years Easter carnival and since, I made a short stack version this year in softer colours.

Last year there was a fight to see who would buy it first.

See original here it has the recipe of last year's rainbow layer cake.
I like the chocolate pastel version of today's cake, I think it worked out okay. I wonder who bought it?

Tonight the carnival was wet on and off again, but luckily the warm autumn night didn't deter may of the locals who happily walked around damp for an hour or so. the rides and amusements all still continued through the evening, the kids love it as running through the rain is one of the added joys of childhood

There are so many favourite activities, I hardly see the kids all night (until they come back for money)

Their favourites are the green machines (low to the ground bikes that can zoom around a track like go karts but with pedal power) and sumo wrestlers( big puffy suits to wear to wrestle your opponent to the ground, funny to watch) for Teddy and for Sienna, the merry go round, inflatable dragon where you can go through his mouth and climb through its belly and out its tail, also bat the rat, flying pigs and facepainting.
Jasper loved the merry go round, but was content to play to hang out with me in the facepainting room as I did my shift. He did like the trash and treasure room also and spent lots of time (out of the rain) playing with toys that look exactly like all his old baby toys that we used to have at our house, luckily he didn't ask me to buy them back again, I only just got them all boxed up and given away to the school.

Here Sienna is attempting to go for a fourth arm break by rollerskating everywhere along the wet and slippery paths and through muddy puddles, she had lots of fun though but those white Barbie pants will never ever be white again.

The perfect end to an exciting night, a chapter of a good titanic book and clutching a prized balloon.

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