Wednesday, 4 January 2012

the whole tooth & nothing but the tooth.

A toothy tale of 2 little children.

Warning...there will be blood and gore in this tale. Not much, but my sensitive stomach appreciates a warning when I see it.

Tale number one is of a small baby boy who's under developed teeth popped through the gums way too early at 5 months and therefore with the missing enamel on his teeth, they began to erode quickly.

By the tender age 1 and a half, these baby tooth buds were beginning to expose the sensitive nerves and becoming painful especially when eating ice-cream which is no fun for a treat.

So off on a jet plane the family went to see if these delicate baby teeth could be saved or removed.
Last photo of his front teeth before they were removed.
The dentist shook her head and said "we can save all but the top 4, they will have to go."

So, off to Hospital we trotted on Halloween for this wee little man to have an operation to remove these 'vampire teeth'.
3 hours later we rolled back into the room with some new shiny coatings on bubba boys teeth, all he wanted was a lemonade ice block after starving all night and day.

By that night, he was ready to go trick or treating with his brother and sister, begging for chocolate from them, oblivious to having just had surgery and a mouth full of stitches.
The end (for now)
Just a few hours after surgery, Happy Jasper showed his new smile off & even went trick or treating.

Tale 2 is of a talented young girl, who although was an amazing singer hid a little habit while she thought no one was looking, sneaky Miss 6 still sucked her thumb!
This had been a lifelong habit only broken by falling out of a mystical fig tree and breaking her thumb sucking arm at age 4. It only took a few days before she promptly changed thumbs from her left to her right and this new thumb had been stuck in her mouth ever since.

Day 2 of the journey to end the great thumb sucking habit went much better than day one where we went through at least 8 extra thick band aids as a deterrent.

If a week of band aids doesn't work, I move onto the big guns...that foul tasting stop and grow stuff you paint onto fingernails!

ANYWAY, Day 3. The problem was solved as it always is in our household when the powers of the universe intervene......Sienna got 2 of her front teeth knocked out today at the beach and split her gum & lip.
Poor darling girl, one big tooth hanging, one side one kicked out on the beach somewhere with shards of tooth root still in her gum.

As she left the dental surgery ...her sense of humour returned and she said through the blood and swollen gums "I guess I can't suck my thumb anymore now". The first ever visit from the tooth fairy tonight for her is an event we have been waiting a long time for!
She has been waiting and wobbling for months, especially when the tooth fairy visited BOTH of her Brothers while we were in Sydney and never to her. She happily went to bed knowing a magical fairy was Finally coming to her. There will be fairy glitter everywhere by morning I am sure.
All smiles now, just waiting for that tooth Fairy.
I am happy (for now) with the bedtime sucking, it is just the all day forgetting and walking around sucking even during dinner. during the last week off school she was even talking to me with her thumb in. The magical dummy fairies took Teddy's dummy... finally for the last time when he was 5 1/2, so at 6 1/2 it may be a good time to change habits (she already bites her fingernails down to the bone like her Daddy does). Sienna's bottom 2 teeth are wobbly and about to fall out so it is time to break/change the habit before the big ones come through.
Wish us luck ☺
Of course unlucky things happen in 3's. a week after Sienna got her teeth knocked out, she fell out of a tree and broke her arm for the second time!!

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