Friday, 29 July 2011

Talented Sienna Rose

This is from Norfolk Online News edition 29/7/11

Sienna Rose McRitchie…..superstar of the future?

Or just a cute 5 year old who wants to sing? Either way, this little girl sure has a big voice.

As the youngest member of the stage production Skits and Vocal bits, currently playing at NATS Ferny lane theatre she will certainly wow the audience with the song she has chosen (more like begged her Mum to perform).
She is performing The wizard and I from the musical 'wicked' as part of a medley. This is not an easy song to sing, but she manages beautifully.

Her love of singing was discovered at a very young age when a friend of the family who had studied at the conservatorium of music used to look after Sienna for a few hours each week, as a 6 month old baby, this friend used to sing music notes to her and couldn’t believe she would echo them back pitch perfectly. The friend commented “She never gets a note wrong”.
Perhaps it was in the gene pool from both sides of the family as Sienna’s mum and dad, Cristina and Brandt, met each other while performing on stage in musical theatre in Sydney way back in 1991.

Playing piano for sometimes an hour a day, Sienna makes many of her songs up in various styles of music, she seems to know how to evoke an emotion from you through her music. Last week while hanging up the washing, I could have sworn that someone was playing a cd from a movie soundtrack as the music floating up from the house told a story from soft to sad to dramatic (she is very good at dramatic!), but she declines ‘proper’ piano lessons at this time because she just wants to play ‘her’ music.
When it sounds delightful to listen to, who could deny her that.
You may have heard Sienna as a 3 year old singing ABBA with Ebony & Ivory at the RSL or at the Mothers day talent quest or recent Youth Rockz concert at the RSL singing the cute little ditty ‘the cuppycake song’, but Sienna has now discovered the big Broadway musical numbers and the addictive sound of applause that runs in her blood…..who knows what will be next.

(Mum knows that when the show is over, she will still get up and have a run at football as the only girl in the competition she also plays on the green team in NIJRL with her big brother.)

Come and see Sienna and 34 other wonderful performers in Skits & Vocal Bits, Tonight and Saturday night only at Ferny lane theatre. Show starts at 7:30pm and is only $15 for adults and $10 for children.

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