Sunday, 8 May 2011

New ventures

I apologize for the lack of blogs in recent times.

As well as returning to work during the week, I have also been working hard to open an artist co operative with 9 other talented artists on Norfolk Island.
We have been re painting a tired yet historic old building here on Norfolk Island.
Here is the blog (also not very well updated at the moment by me) for our New SOUL gallery  You can also find the SOUL gallery team on facebook.

To coincide with SOUL's opening, I also launched a new photography label for myself (you can only find me on facebook at the moment) called 'Captured by Cristina Rose'

This is like the family photos that I was taking, but involves more props for the children and many more edited photos in the package.

I just love the results and my new logo.

 I find it hard to charge people for something I love to do, but am saving madly for a new camera, so I guess we all have to make a living and it is an extra bonus if you love what you do.

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