Saturday, 29 May 2010

Black and White Blogging

After 3 years of Blogging about our life on Norfolk Island and 125 posts on Norfolk Heaven on Earth, I have decided on a little bit of redecorating.
It was time for a new template as a change from the old green and blue one, especially when I realized that the columns were too small to display all my photos side my side on my friends laptop, some of the photos were partially hidden behind each other. It was time for a wider blog page.

I Love colour, the brighter the better, so while playing around with a few blogger templates, I actually surprised myself by choosing a simple white one, I did try to make the background and font different colours, but they seem to work against my photography not with it.

So here I am with two blogs
a black one for my artworks Cristina Rose Art
and a white one this one Norfolk Heaven on Earth

My Auntie Mary started me writing a blog when I moved to Norfolk Island, it was a great way to keep an online journal of our adventures here and to give the family back in Australia lots of images of my children.

Mary writes beautifully and her blog Devonhouse Recollections is well worth a visit to discover another persons way of life on this magnificent tiny Island in the middle of the South Pacific.

There are many, many stories to tell about life here on Norfolk Island, There are so many diverse activities and business's here, Life certainly isn't black and white.

After discovering that most searches on google etc for information on Norfolk Island had very little local content, Mary and I recently offered to teach blogging together to the community.

We had a very interesting mix of people and they have produced some very interesting blogs.
there were a scattering of local blogs beforehand and now we have at least 28 Norfolk Island blogs.

There is a mix of community and personal stories as well as business and political blogs.

Please feel free to visit any of the following blogs to gain a more rounded view of Life on the World of Norfolk.

Norfolk Island Business Blogs
Bounty Divers
Baunti Escapes
The Hospitality Shop
Peach Season
Aatuti Art
Land and Sea
Bigg Fresh
Aurelia Health Retreat
Stefanos Restaurant
Petes Place
Framed and Signed
Anson bay Pottery
Bath and Body
Hillcrest Gardens Hotel
Norfolk Island Community Blogs
Norfolk Online news
Norfolk Island News
Norfolk Island Weddings
Johns Norfolk Island Recipes
Norfolk Island Community Arts
Norfolk Island Museum
Norfolk Island Happenings
Theatre in Paradise
Ask a Norfolk Island Local
Norfolk Island Wave
Norfolk Island Red Hatters
Cheryl Tennis Club
Holistic Living Festival
Norfolk Island Political Blogs
Your Parliament, Your Voice
Angels and Eagles
Healthy Debate on Norfolk Island
Norfolk Island Personal Blogs
Cristina Rose Art
Devonhouse Recollections
Tatoo and Tapa
Fire Dancing
Norfolk Island Calm
Penelope on Norfolk
Mayos in Paradise
Perceptions of Paradise

If you have a blog that includes Norfolk Island content, please feel free to Contact Me Here so I can add you to our Norfolk Island Blogroll.

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