Saturday, 28 February 2009

Marielle & Sylvan's wedding day

Today I was wedding photographer for my third wedding here on Norfolk Island.

It was my honour to spend most of the day with the bride and bridesmaids and with the groomsmen and the family and their friends.

Marielle was one of D'Anne's bridesmaid's at her wedding in January and liked my photos enough to ask me to photograph hers.
So here is their blog of wedding photos (only a select few as there were so many to choose from)

The Wedding ceremony was held at my Uncle Bernie's property at Steele's point, Simon's water which over looked the ship being unloaded at Cascade bay with Elephant rock in the distance.
Marielle surprised Sylvan with these Army vehicles complete with air raid siren, this was the photo when he first saw them.

The reception was in the lovely grounds of Tradewinds homestead.

YoYo and Nat provided the music including a wonderful version of Somewhere over the rainbow for Marielle to walk down the aisle.

In total, I spent 11 hours taking 2670 photos on 6GB of memory cards (one which fell into the long grass, giving me a momentary heart attack!)

From Hairdressers to Honeymoon(only joking).
Until my camera was finally worn out after the cutting of the fantastic frangipani cake, made by Jindaporn
....and the throwing of the bouquet.

I love the flowers sprinkling down from the just caught bouquet in this photo.

All three Weddings I have photographed on the Island involved the couple's children which I loved, very special family photos.
This Sylvan & Marielle's gorgeous son River.
It was an absolutely beautiful day.


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