Monday, 9 June 2008

Baunti Dieh

Today is Norfolk Island's Anniversary day, it Normally is celebrated on the 8th of June unless it falls on a Sunday, then it will be celebrated the next day.

The day starts with the families of the Bounty descendants gathering at Kingston Pier.

Celebrating their ancestors arriving on Norfolk Island on the Morayshire from Pitcairn Island in 1856, everyone dresses in the style of this period.

The Parade walks from the pier to the cemetery, pausing at the cenotaph to pay respects.
Sienna was happy to see her Daddy at the side of the road.
Then the families walk across the golf course to enjoy morning tea on the lawns of Government house.

It was a long walk for two little legs, but I encouraged Sienna by letting her know that she could have a biscuit when we got to the end, I guess she figured she deserved it, but I was amused when she came back from the morning tea table with this stash, I soon encouraged her to share her pile of biscuits with her brother and friends.

After the perpetual shield is awarded to the best costumed family, everyone leaves Government house down the grassy slopes back to the Kingston compound (the children roll or run down ) where families set up for their own Bounty day feasts.

The Christian-Bailey family and friends are all generously invited to Devon House by Mary and Bernie.

The food is always plentiful, provided by everyone who attends. A real Bounty.

This year, our highlight was attending the Bounty ball.

Teddy and his school friend Brianna decided that they wanted to Dance together this year, but after taking them to a few rehearsals with the older school children, they both decided that it was too hard.

Sienna on the other hand, was just happy to dance around by herself to the music and was delighted to be joined by Eli who was there with his brothers and sister who were practising.

We enjoyed the night even though we didn't dance ourselves (Brandt had an ankle injury).

It was a great excuse to dress up and mingle with the community at Rawson Hall and to watch the children's ballroom dance competition.
I had the pleasure of presenting the Fletcher Christian apartments trophy this year which was won by Eli's sister Savannah.
The Children looked gorgeous and had a good time.

After a few months in school next year, Teddy and Brianna might be ready to try again, now they know what it is all about.

I know that Sienna and Eli are more than ready.

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