Monday, 12 May 2008

Happy Mothers day!

I have had an especially wonderful weekend with just my children for company as Brandt hopped on a discount flight back to the sunshine coast and is enjoying Mothers day with his Mum, the only time he was 'off the island' for the past year was a quick overnight stay at Phillip Island half an hour away in a boat, hope you have a good time Brandt.
So I have had some quality bonding time with my two little cherubs and enjoyed each moment with them immensely.
I am very lucky to have two cheeky characters who remind me constantly to smile and enjoy them!
Happy Mothers day to all the Mothers out there, especially Brandt's Mum Patty, my sisters, Mandy, Jenni, Maria and Kate.
Also to my Aunty Mary and cousin in-law Kim whom I spent the day with at my preschool fundraiser devonshire tea and then at the Homestead for lunch.
Not forgetting Nana on her Birthday May 11th. Her birthday fell on Mothers day every few years and we usually combined the family celebration. She would have been 97 and even though we have not had a cuggle together for 12 years, she is still very missed and thought of often.
But, most of all to my Mum, Sally. I love you, I miss you and I am so Thankful to have had a very precious 35 years with you as my Mum and my friend.
As I sit and watch the antics of 2 and a half year old Sienna, I really feel that I am you watching all of my crazy childhood antics (they are all very familiar to me) and I am loving every minute of it and have the same look of amusement on my face that I remember seeing on yours.
Thankyou a million times over for your love, support and acceptance of everything that I did and still do.
I am enjoying every moment with our two.
Yes, it is going so fast but I am enjoying them both so much (yes, I know my family are secretly smiling wondering why it took us so long after 16 years together and protesting that we weren't having any.)
Anyway, I wouldn't swap them for the world.

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