Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Fay Mac

Rest now in Peace Fay Mac.

Brandt's paternal Grandmother Ena McRitchie(nee Morrison) died this morning, a month short of her 90th birthday.
Ena was named as a shorter version of her Grandmother Christina and then she named her daughter Christine, so when I married into the family 13 years ago, there was an Ena, Christine(now Brown) and Cristina McRitchie.

But Ena was never called Grandma by her Grandkids as when Brandt's sister Kim was little, she knew one Grandmother was Fay, so to tell the difference, Ena become Fay Mac and has been called so ever since by her 2 children, Christine and Brandt's Dad Alan, and their respective husband and wife, Jeff and Patty and by her 5 grandchildren, Kim, Brandt, Leigh, Cameron and Michelle and 4 great grandchildren, Abbey, Lara, Teddy and Sienna.

I am sorry that at the moment I can't tell you much about her life except, she played the piano wonderfully, walked to Banksia almost daily when she lived in her house at Rockdale, made us lovely butterfly cakes that I never managed to get the recipe from her, but they were soft and airy, and even at 85 years old would get down on the floor and play with the great-grandkids.

Brandt loved visiting her after work, even when her big Grandson was 25, she would make him tea and toast and let him have an afternoon nap in her sunny back room before he went to T.A.F.E 3 nights a week for 3 years.

I am grateful that we got these photos of both kids with her a few months before we moved to Norfolk Island. Both Teddy and Fay Mac were being cheeky that day.
Have fun with Bill Mac, Ena, we hope to hear some of your piano music floating down here sometime.

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Shell said...

Hello Tina, Brandt, Teddy & Sienna!
Sorry its taken me a week to contact u-i forgot your email address, but will email u at apartments. Your blog re Fay Mac is just gorgeous, I have printed it for oldies as their computer was stolen from Cam's at Xmas time. Thank you Tina, its so wonderful that you have posted pics and stories of Fay Mac- u made me cry all over again! I miss her already, and do hope he is dancing with Bill Mac & throwing a ball for Holli!
Troy & I went to Noosa on the 8th Feb, left on Sunday 10th, we hung with Fay Mac a fair bit & had to get our chance to say goodbye. It was very sad for me & mom, but also a beautiful, learning experience too. We told Fay Mac heaps of funny stories of growing up withher always there to lookout for us, make butterfly cakes (mom has recipe) and make us cups of tea. I told her how much we all loved her but also that it was ok to go to Bill Mac as he was waiting for her now. Leaving on the Sat arvo was the hardest thing I ever had to do & mom & I were fairly hysterical by then...I showed her my new blue shoes and she was touching my face. At one point on Friday arvo she told me 'i can;t understand u!' classic as she always told me i spoke too fast! hey will email u at apartments & really missed seeing you guys & babies up there...Fay Mac went on a safe journey to the afterlife- i am sure of it, & we tried to send her off with all the love she deserved & gave to us over her life. I told her all the grandkids & greatones loved her & she was best Nana ever! & we would miss her dearly.
Is there anything that you both would like Leigh & I to say ta her memorial service (mom is having small one in Sydney on 8.03.08)& Leigh & will speak together... or any peice of music u would like me to play? Thank you again for loving her so much, it means alot to mom I know.
Love Shell xx